Merkel Schools

Mrs. H.C. Reid is an author of the book "History of the Merkel School", classes were held in a box car that also served as the post office, the church, a railway ticket station & the telegraph station.

Locals will tell you the schools are a great feature to living in the wide area of Taylor County that the Merkel ISD services. There is an amazing elementary school, middle school & a high school that was completed for the 1996-97 school year. The high school mascot is the Badger.

The football team plays in District 5-3A, D2 with Early, Jacksboro, Millsap, Dublin, Eastland & Comanche.

Britt Hart is the Athletic Director & can be reached at 325-928-4667 ext 1528 /

Another person you'd probably like to know is the Transportation Supervisor, Robert Whitehead 325-928-5127.

Merkel Isd Administration

1512 South 5th

PO box 430

Merkel, TX 79536

Office: 325-928-5813

Fax: 325-928-3910

Merkel Elementary School

1602 South 5th

Merkel, TX 79536

Office: 325-928-4795

Fax: 325-928-3174

Merkel Middle School

302 Ash

Merkel, TX 79536

Office: 325-928-5511

Fax: 325-928-3138

Merkel High School

2000 South 7th

Merkel, TX 79536

Office: 325-928-4667

Fax: 325-928-4684

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